i’ve been reading outlander, and it is consuming my life

WHAT THE HELLSO CUUUUUUTEoutlanderPEOPLE MAYBE MAKING FANART??? ENJOYING THIS SERIES??? AS THE SHOW GETS CLOSER IS GONNA KILL MEKILL MEEEEEEtoday as we were getting maccas for breakfast my mum was like'i didn't know outlander was so popular with people other than you? i saw an ad for it on bookworld'and i was like YEAH SON YEAHME AND THE GRANDMA CONTINGENT HAVE GOT THIS SHIT DOWN INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER DIANA GABALDON’S OUTLANDERyou wait years for your ~thing~ to enter the public sphere then it DOESIT DOESSS


i’ve been reading outlander, and it is consuming my life

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When they film the scenes, they shoot them over and over and over, even if it’s a good take and no one messes up their lines, they do it again and again, partly to get coverage, but mostly because the director is looking for something very specific.
We shot the wedding night scene, where they have their first sexual encounter. The first take was fine, as far as I could tell, but the director, Anna Foerster, had them do it over and over again. I was fascinated. I kept thinking, “Why is she doing this?” and then finally I realized she was wearing them out. She got them tired enough that they just cut loose and actually acted like people who had been up all night trying to have sex.

When actors are doing this sort of thing — anything that involves what you might call physical choreography, fight scenes, sex scenes, etc. — they have thought it out very carefully ahead of time. They were making the exact same sounds each time, until Foerster brought them to the point of total exhaustion, and then they started making real sounds. [Laughs].


Diana Gabaldon on a memorable experience on set (x)

exact same sounds

over and over again


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Do you have any secret abilities that would help you get through a zombie apocalypse? I’d ride into battle on a unicorn. When I chopped off people’s heads with my sword, the decapitated heads would flow out with flowers and bring peace onto the land. And those flowers, if they touched another zombie, would make them into a better person. - Finn Jones

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